If you would like special prayer for someone, or yourself, you are invited to leave a request on the Prayer Board at the back of the churches, or contact Rev Liz on 01963 351615

We also have 'A Cascade of Prayer' which responds to the immediate prayer needs of people where they are at the moment. A good number of parishioners are committed as a confidential group to pray for a specific person or other individuals, assuring them of our continual prayers for a particular need.    Please contact  Sue Kellagher on 01963 351992

Each month we produce a Prayer Diary focussing on the needs and  people in our community. The Diary is available in our churches on the last Sunday of the preceding month. 

The purpose of the diary is to enable people to be aware of, and to pray for, the life of our community.  If there is a group of people or a specific event that you would like to be included in next month's diary please contact Suzi McKenzie on 359316 or email the Parish Office


A Prayer For The Coming Year

Visit the homes, places of work and play, the schools, the streets of our town, O Lord
and drive far from us all that would seek to harm or hurt us;
may your holy angels always dwell with us and guard us in peace
and may your blessing always be upon us.


A Prayer for Ourselves

Throughout this day
enliven our minds,
inspire our conversations
inform our decisions,
and protect those we love.
And should today bring 
what we neither anticipate nor desire,
increase our faith
and decrease our pride
until we know that,
when we face the unexpected,
we do not stand alone.

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