Festival of Angels

From December 2nd to January 6th



Archangels, Cherubim, Seraphim, Guardian Angels, Heavenly Bodies...

You are invited to make an Angel (as individuals or as a group) to help fill All Saints' Church with Angels.

As big or as small as you want, from whatever material you like.

Angels are messengers...

What message will your angel carry to the community, the church, the world this Christmas?


The Festival of Angels Launches the All Saints' Development Project.

When the Victorians replaced the Medieval roof, an angel was left behind. For years s/he stood in the niche over the South Porch and more recently s/he has been inside the church.

Our Development Project is very much about taking the best of the past and creating something new for the future which is why we are launching it with a Festival of Angels.
Angels are divine beings. They are found in Islam, Judaism and Christianity. They are traditionally messengers and are often that link between heaven and earth. Many people will have encountered angels - perhaps without even knowing it.
We want to fill All Saints Church with Angels that speak to and from our community here in Cary. They will be there over the Christmas period (they had a key role in the first Christmas!) and it is hoped that many people will visit over the holiday season.
Donation to the All Saints' Development Fund are invited.

The Festival has now closed.

The response to this festival was amazing. More than 60 individuals and groups in the community of Castle Cary and Ansford contributed and All Saints' church was full of angels of all shapes and sizes - some quite traditional, many not at all so. Below is a very small selection.
More than 1,000 visitors came to see the angels over the duration of the Festival. Many thanks to all who took part - by contributing an angel, taking a turn at welcoming visitors or behind the scenes working to organise, set up and dismantle the Festival. And of course, thank you all who took the time to visit us. We hope that you enjoyed your visit and found something to inspire you. Do come again - any time!