All Saints' Development

The Background

Our last Architect's Inspection revealed that, whilst basically sound, the building of All Saint's church will need some major repair work in order to stay open. As well as some repairs to the pointing and masonry, the nave roof, which was installed by the Victorians approximately 150 year ago is now reaching the end of its life and must be replaced.

The cost of these works is beyond the means of the regular worshipping congregation, but rather than wring our hands and despair, we decided to put our problem out to the towsfolk of Castle Cary and find out if they would be interested in getting involved to keep their Parish Church open, and discuss how we can adapt this wonderful resource to benefit as many people as possible outside of the regular Sunday and occasional special services.

A public meeting was well attended, and showed a resounding affirmation of the community's regard for their Parish church. It was heartwarming to see how strongly people felt, and accordingly, a Development Group was formed, made up of both regular and non church goers.

The Launch

The All Saints' Development Project was launched with a Festival of Angels, coinciding with the switching on of the Castle Cary Town's Christmas lights. A huge number of angels were brought, with more than 60 local groups and individuals contributing. The angels will remain in the church throughout Advent and Christmas, up until Epiphany and ending on January 7th. For more information see our News and Events pages.


On December 15th we are thrilled to be welcoming Jo Burt to perform an acoustic set by candlelight - please see details on our News and Events pages.

On Saturday 16th June 2018 Save The Children Castle Cary Community Store held a Charity Art Fair in All Saints' Church with the proceeds raising money for Save The Children and a proportion going to the All Saints' Development Fund.


The next event is A Night at The Movies with HMS Heron Volunteer band at All Saints’ Church on Thursday 26th July at 7.30pm. Doors open at 7pm. Tickets are £10 per person, under 16’s are free and can be purchased after the 10am services or from Bailey Hill Bookshop and the Market House. Proceeds will go to the All Saints’ Development Fund. Refreshments will be available.













More events and updates will be posted here as the information becomes available.