Planned Giving Review 2016

Thank you for considering giving regularly to the life of the Church in the Parish of All Saints' and St. Andrew's.

Becoming a single parish means that we have had to reorganise our bank accounts and this has presented us with a good opportunity to review the giving within the parish. Even if you already give directly through your bank, you will need to make a new arrangement because the account details will change with effect from January 1st 2017.

In this parish our approach to giving begins with a thank you . . .
. . . a thank you for what is already given by so many, so generously and in so many different ways. There is much to be thankful for and gratitude is itself a good starting point for generous giving .

Yet we must be realistic. 2016 has been an extremely challenging year for us financially. Our plans to become a single parish are nearing completion and what has become clear is that in order to meet the financial commitments necessary to keep our churches open, our income needs to increase significantly.

The last giving review in 2014 resulted in more people giving by standing order and using gift aid, but overall, the level of income did not increase.

However you respond to this review, and it may well be that your circumstances are such that you can no longer give what you have in the past, be assured that your gifts are always gratefully received and your place within the church community is assured.

Where would my money go?

The PCC has agreed that all income from planned giving and collections will go into a single ‘Living Fund’. This will pay for the day to day costs of both our churches and the life of the church here in Cary and Ansford. This includes the Parish share (which pays for clergy costs and diocesan support), administrative costs and costs associated with worship and outreach. Last year this came to £61,700.

Our church is growing – this is great news, but it means that our Parish share has increased.

It is anticipated that in 2017 our income will need to be £70,800.

Currently our giving is £60,000.

This means that we need to increase our income by 20 percent.

Please consider increasing your existing giving by this 20% - if you give £5.00 a week this would increase to £5+1 = £6.00

How can I give?

  • Regular giving by standing order enables the PCC to budget and plan. The total gift can be increased at no extra cost by using Gift Aid.
  • You might like to sponsor or donate a specific item.
  • Please consider leaving something to the church in your will.

Everything depends on local giving - we receive no support from the Government or the Central Church.

For further details please speak to the churchwardens, Oliver Morison (Treasurer) or Revd. Liz.

To download a bank giving form and details of where to send cheques click here.

Maintaining the Buildings - funds to maintain and develop the individual church buildings will come from fundraising, donations and gifts. Each church has a Building Fund - for details please speak to the Treasurer, Oliver Morison.

Becoming a single parish has given us the opportunity to restructure our finances and to ensure that we use what resources we have as efficiently as possible.

Since the last planned giving review we have been able to fund a parish administrator; and thanks to very generous gifts St. Andrews has new chairs and is extending the servery. Grants and gifts have also enabled All Saints to carry out essential rewiring and lighting work. These developments have improved the way we can use our building to offer hospitality to the wider community.

Ending as we began . . . Thank you - for taking the time to read this. Thank you for prayerfully and carefully considering your response. Thank you for giving. Thank you for belonging.

Photos by kind permission of Joss Mullinger and others.