Pilgrim is a journey and exploration into the truth of the Christian faith as it has been revealed in Jesus Christ and lived out by the church down through the centuries. Its aim is to help people explore what it means to be disciples of Christ and to answer his call – “Follow me.”

The Pilgrim material consists of two groups of four short courses (six sessions). The first four, the Follow stage is designed for those who are beginning to explore the faith and what following Jesus will mean. It focusses on four great texts that are at the heart of the Christian faith.

The Grow stage is a next step which aims to go further and deeper, building on the Follow stage. The aim is that here people will learn the essentials for a life of discipleship.

In the company of a small group of fellow travellers you will have the chance to learn more about the Christian faith, its claims and its challenges. Pilgrim aims to help you learn through discussion, reflection and prayer – ancient disciplines at the heart of the Christin faith.

This is what some people said who came….
"I have found the Pilgrim Course to be a really accessible way to develop my understanding of my relationship with God."
"Enjoyable and thought provoking."
"The Pilgrim Course has given me the opportunity to look deeper into my faith."
"It has encouraged me to follow the Lord’s words and try to be a better person."
"I have felt guided and challenged in a good by the course."

Watch this space for the next course on 'The Kingdom'